Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019


We all know the power of Digital Marketing Trends. A well laid marketing plan and a proper advertising strategy can help you reach out to your target group and boost your business.

Now there are many tricks to successfully promote your offers, products or services to the mass market. But as time advanced, the ideas and methods to reach out the public should also develop. It is therefore essential for you to keep yourself updated about the current trends in the market. Of course you can use your creativity to implement it differently from others.

In this article I am going to take you through the 5 top digital marketing trends that you should certainly incorporate in your marketing strategy in 2019.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

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With the advancing time all the simple work that consume man hours will be replaced with artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI is the perfect tool

analyze consumer and user behavior from social media platforms. Stats say that 93% of the world population is on social media and that population is ever growing.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter Instagram are a hit among the new generation and the database that is generated is humongous.

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Implementing artificial intelligence to scourge through this database will give you ample information based on which you can curate the experience and services that the replicate the choice patter of your user. If you are in the e-commerce industry then artificial intelligence is a boon for you and you should start making the most of it. The e-commerce generation loves it if the content is personalized.

The reason behind it is that with the internet taking over our live, physical interaction with most of the daily elements of life have reduced drastically. Thus when a service or product is personalised to match the taste of the user, it creates a lasting impact and can turn a first time user into a loyal customer.

Video Marketing/Live Streaming

This is yet another fantastic way to attract more visitors to your Web Design brisbane. With more and more websites development tool using videos as part of their content strategy, the concept is slowly taking the internet by storm.

This of course has its own reasons. Not only such content keeps your visitors engaged, but it also saves a lot of their time, because instead of reading through  piece they can now just sit back and enjoy it through a video.

Besides it also lets you connect better with your clients. This helps you gain trust and loyalty from them which in return helps you generate real customers.

The best thing about video content is that you have the benefit of using words, actions, music etc all at once. And each can be worked upon to make your content more convincing. So unlike a written piece of content where words are your only medium of conveying a message, with videos its is easier to convey your message.


Chatbots have gained popularity in recent times. And why shouldn’t it? With the world advancing towards a new era where everyone is busy all the time, people wants quick answers to their questions.

Chatbots does just that to help people fix their problems. To help you understand better, let me give you an example.

Suppose you purchase a product from a company. Now you have a problem handling it and you want to contact the customer service. To your disappointment, first it takes them hours to respond to your call. And when they does, you are constantly put on hold because the representative wants to consult a senior to offer you with a solution.

That clearly, is frustrating. Especially when you already have so many things to take care of. It would have been a much better experience if your problem was handled by a chatbot. Because they are designed to be smart enough to converse with humans and offer them solutions instantly. Unlike a human, they do not need to flip through question logs to find a solution. This makes things easier, quicker and simpler for both the company as well as the customer.

Influencer Marketing

As we all know, influencer marketing is a way of promoting your business or brand through an influencer. Basically you choose an influencer in your business genre who you think has considerable say in the market. Then get in touch with them and ask them to promote your business. In return you are supposed to pay them a compensation.

For example, if you are opening a gym, promoting your gym through a popular sports person can make a huge impact on your business. This is because people are already of the notion that being a sports person, he/she already knows what is good for your body and how to keep yourself fit. So even a small sponsored post on their social media profile can do wonders to your business.

Content Personalization

The internet is flooded with content for all kinds of queries. But people are constantly looking for genuine content that convinces them of their authenticity. Creating such content can thus help you gain more visitors. One way to do that is to create personalised content.

People love hearing about personal experiences and  if you have a story, why not tell them? Make it detailed and engaging and tell them about your success and failure. In that way, you can inspire people and they would also want to come back to read more of your experiences.


The digital world  is slowly taking over and people are now seen spending much more time on the internet than they earlier used to. The internet too is loaded with content of all types. But not all of them are capable of converting their leads to clients, unless it is something significantly unique.

And as the digital marketing trends keep changing, the only way to keep up the game is to be updated with the current trend. The above points are a few ways to keep yourself at the top of the game.


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